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Welcome to Winston Ho’s Research Site on WordPress, an online library for all of my research into the history of the Chinese American community in New Orleans and the American South. The primary purpose of this page is to give other researchers in my field and the general public access to everything I’m working on, including unpublished work and preliminary research. Online sources, print articles and journals, and multimedia are included with each article, to assist other researchers in their own projects, especially Chinese Americans who wish to learn more about their own family history. My own training as a researcher began with the reconstruction of my family history in both New Orleans and Taiwan.

However, a secondary objective is to solicit help from the general public in advancing my research. There are many photographs, artifacts, and newspaper articles related to the Chinese community in Louisiana and the Gulf South region that I don’t have access to. If you see an article, document, or landmark related to the Chinese in New Orleans, please take a photograph and upload it somewhere to this site (and please include a date and location, otherwise it won’t be very helpful… and for magazine or newspaper articles, please include the date, title of the newspaper, and page number if possible.)

Also, I am interested in anything anyone else publishes about the Chinese in the American South, including websites, Youtube videos, and other online content.  I encourage visitors of this site to post both questions and personal stories in the comments section, which I will answer if I am able. The third reason I created this site is to test different theories and to develop historical information into useful knowledge. Please also visit my Multimedia Research Site on Youtube for related videos and playlists. And for updates on new articles and events, please “like” my Social Media Sites on Facebook and on Instagram.  History is not about the past, it is about the present, and understanding the origin of the present helps us all plan for the future.


Winston Ho 何嶸
University of New Orleans,
Department of History 紐奧良大學歷史系.

NolaChinese on FacebookYoutube, and Instagram.

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