News 消息

Winston Ho 何嶸.  
University of New Orleans,
Department of History 紐奧良大學歷史學系.
NolaChinese on FacebookYoutube, and Instagram.

Updated 2020 Feb. 13, Thursday.



  • 2020.  I expect to complete my masters thesis at UNO on the history of the Chinese American community in New Orleans during the Second World War.  I may also be writing a a series of articles on research from Rutgers University on United China Relief (UCR) and United Service to China (USC).
  • 2020 March 19-21.  The 2020 Louisiana Historical Association’s Annual Meeting will take place in Baton Rouge.








  • 2016 February.  Prototype Winston Ho’s Research Site on WordPress went online.  Early articles were drafted and published over the next nine months.
  • 2013 July.  Prototype Winston Ho’s Social Media Research Site on Facebook is created.  Over the next three years, I experimented with posting content here and on several online services.  Although the Facebook site was not publicized during this time, many Facebook users were somehow able find it.  This site was originally created for announcements only, but by 2016, it had developed into a powerful tool for discussing and exchanging photographs and information with other users.

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